Current Events

2018 Events

    Exhibition, The Elverum Art Gallery 2018

     From the Exhibiton with Jonny Andvik
     in Elverum Art Gallery 2018

     From the Exhibition, The Embrace, with Jonny Andvik
     in Elverum Art Gallery 2018

     From the Exhibition with the Painter Jonny Andvik at
     Elverum Gallery, NO 2018

    Exhibition, Holmsbustuene 2018

 Exhibition, Haggin Museum & World War II Monument

     The sculpture Sophistication, for the Exhibition
     American Woman in the Arts at Haggin Museum,
     Stockton, Ca 2018.

     Kirsten Kokkin with her father Sverre Kokkin,at Aker Brygge
     in Oslo with the World War II monument that Kokkin created
     for the City of Oslo in commemoration of the Partisan Group
     in World War II, of which her father was a member.

2017 Events

2017 Monument of Astrid Langjord

   Monument of HRH Queen Sonja of Norway, 2017

     Kirsten works on the enlargement
     of the monument.

Kirsten Kokkin is interviewed by the Norwegian Public Broadcasting System (NRK) after she has presented her Monumental Portrait Statue of the Queen of Norway, HRH Queen Sonja. The monument was presented to the Majesties, King Harald and Queen Sonja on her 80th Birthday July 4, 2017. The monument is placed in the public area of the Royal Garden that surrounds the Palace in the heart of Oslo. Ms. Kokkin also has another Royal monument in the Royal Garden of HRH King Harald's Mother; HRH Crown princess Martha of Norway, deceased 1954.

2016 Events

    Exhibition: Momentum, Woman Drive the Arts in Loveland 2016

     Momentum Loveland Museum 2016

     Kirsten Kokkin in front of the Museum 2016

     From the exhibition Momentum in Loveland Museum

     From the Exhibition Momentum in Loveland, a series
     of whole figure portraits of collegues, friends and
     collectors in Loveland by Kokkin

     The sculptors Rosetta, Jane Dedecker, Glenna      Goodacre, Kathy Caricof and Kirsten Kokkin at the
     Momentum show in Loveland Museum, CO 2016

     From the exhitbition Momentum, Woman Drive the
     Arts in Loveland Museum 2016

2015 Events

    Exhibition with the Late Artist Rune Amrud at the Ringebu Vicarage Art Museum, 2015

     Kirsten Kokkin opens the exhibition she had
     together with the late Artist Rune Amrud, at
     Ringebu Vicarage Art Gallery, Norway 2015

     A study of Kirsten Kokkin that Rune Amrud did in the
     early 1980's from the Exhibition

     From the Exhibition at Ringebu Vicarage Art Gallery.
     Two portrait busts that Kirsten Kokkin and Rune
     Amrud did of each other in 1982

The Exhibition at the City in Oslo, Norway 2015

       The Exhibition at the City Hall in Oslo, Norway 2015

     Kirsten Kokkin and the Honorable Mrs. Ambassador
     from Georgia, at the Exhibition at the City Hall in Oslo
     Norway, 2015

2015 Monument, "Young Man" Created for Mr. Stein Erik Hagen

     Detail of the monumental sculpture, Young Man,
     created for the Philantrophist, Business Leader and
     Art Collector Stein Erik Hagen, presented in 2015
     in Oslo at his property.

      The monumental sculpture, Young Man, created for
      the philanthropist, business leader and Art Collector
      Mr. Stein Erik Hagen 2015

   2015: Portrait of Terje Hoili and Sculpture of Anna Brannfjell

             Lifesize portrait of the business founder and art
             collector Terje Hoili at his sculpture garden in
             Fredrikstad, Norway 2015

             Christian Rignes admires the sculpture of Anna Brannfjell,
             created by Kirsten Kokkin. Rignes gifted the sculpture to the
             Historic Society at Ekenberg in Oslo, Norway.

2013 Events

PELLE MONUMENT, Bronze, 82"h x 70"w Description: The Pelle Monument is made in honor of a resistance group that was active in Oslo during WWII. The resistance group was founded in 1944 and had several successful raids on the largest shipyard in Oslo, Aker Yard. The Group managed to destroy two large freight ships that were due to transport German Soldiers to the East Front. This was the largest ship sabotage in WWII and was very successful in harming the enemy. The monument is a gift to the Cultural Department of Norway from the City of Oslo and the group Samlerhuset A/S. Kirsten Kokkin's father, Sverre Kokkin, was one of the members of this group and one of only 3 survivors left. He will give a speech in The City Hall of Oslo on the presentation of the monument on November 22, 2013.

Listen to a Norwegian interview with Kirsten Kokkin and her Father, Sverre Kokkin, on PBS in Norway - NRK Radio P2 12.09.13 about the monument that Kirstin is presenting in Norway at the Oslo City Hall on November 22, 2013. It is a monument in honor of a partisan group in Norway Oslo that was active in 1943/44/45. Today there are only two survivors left, Kirsten's father and his friend that is in a nursing home.The interview is about the creation of the monument and the dynamics that played out between the subject matter, the creation, and her father.

Kirsten working on the Pelle Monument, a memorial for Norwegian resistance fighters in Oslo during World War II. The monument is a gift from Samlerhuset A/S and Oslo City, to The Norwegian Cultural Department. The monument will be placed at the location ( Aker Brygge i Oslo ) where the group performed the largest ship sabotage in World War II in Europe. Kirsten's father Sverre Kokkin is one of the two remaining members alive today. Read more >>

2012 Events

August 7th, 2012

"Flesh & Blood"

Artworks Loveland - Loveland, Colorado

Presenting Sheldon James & Kirsten Kokkin in "Flesh & Blood"

The private reception will be held on Tuesday August 7th, 2012. The artists talk will commence at 7:15pm.

Hammar Gallery presents sculptures by KIRSTEN KOKKIN

Vernissage: Sunday, June 10 from 12:00 to 14:00

Summer exhibition from June 10 until August 12, 2012

Currently KK is having a solo show at the Hammar Estate in Varmland, Sweden. Hammar Gard is an old estate from the 1700 and is currently a working horse breeding facility and a culture center. The Sculptures will be on show until August 10.

JUNE 2012 - Presently KK is working out of her two studios in Norway and Colorado with various projects. The most current one is a lifesize commission for the sculpture "Il Corazon Sagrado" The title can also be translated to "the holy heart" of humankind.

The idea and motive of the sculpture is furthermore underscore from the holy script of Ezekiel 36/26: 'A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.'

The sculpture images a young man in his full prime of God's creation with his hand pointing to his heart while his glance is full with sorrow and scorn. Kokkin cites, "I always wanted to do a young man in his prime as a symbol of God and Natures splendor and creation and when I stumbled upon the phrase - Il Corazon Sagrado - it fell into place for me to combine the two motives." The commission is private.

She also just completed and unveiled the bust of the previous prime minister of Norway Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland that was a commission from the Labor Party of Norway. Mrs. GH Brundtland is one of the most famous living women in Norwegian history, to be the first female prime minister of Norway and to rule for 12 years. She has also been the head of WHO for several years, and today she give lectures all over the world about health and peace.

Sculpture of Mrs. Gro H. Brundtland, 2012

Kirsten Kokkin with the prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, and her model Gro Harlem Brundtland and her husband Arne Olav Brundtland. The bust was erected at the National headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Norway in honor of Mrs. Gro H. Brundtland. She was the first woman to be prime minister in Norway as well as being the party leader for a period of 11 years and prime minister for 10 years. She then went on to be the leader of World Health Organization in her capacity as a trained physician. Today she is a revered lecturer worldwide and serves on many boards. Brundtland serves on the board of the U.N. She is one of the most famous women in Norway history and abroad.

2011 Events

  Presentation for the Norwegian Church in Miami, 2011

Presentation by HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway
of the sculpture, In God's Hands by Kirsten Kokkin. This
sculpture, donated by The Sigurd Jensen Foundation, was
given to the Norwegian Church in Miami, Florida in 2011.

2010 Events

July 31 - August 29, 2010

"Man and Nature" (Mennesket Og Naturen)
Larvik Culture Hall, Larvik, Norway.

A group show of the foremost figurative artists in Norway. The show celebrates the figure in relationship to the nature, and mankind's relationship to Nature.

Daphne in the Fall, Bronze 1999, 26"H

October 9 - November 9, 2010

"American Woman Artists"
Southwest Gallery
Dallas Texas, USA.

An American woman artist is an organization that is dedicated to the inspiration, celebration an encouragement of Woman in the visual Arts in USA. This is their annual show.

November 12-November 30th, 2010

"Les Femmes: Women of Note"
Saks Gallery
Denver Colorado, USA

A group of significant artists will be celebrated in this show, by the noteworthy Saks Gallery in Denver, CO, USA. Saks Gallery is one of the first galleries in Denver, and has a strong and successful history with all the famous artists of the West. In addition they show contemporary figurative works of paintings and sculpture. This will be a show of the highest and finest quality of female artists of this region.

SEPT. 28, 2010

The Fiddle Player Ole Bull at Norsk Hostfest Hall of Fame in South Dakota.

Kirsten Kokkin has once again been asked to contribute to the Norsk. This is a highly esteemed prize that is given out to 4 notorieties of Norwegian descent or birth every year. Famous people like Thor Heyerdahl and Arlene Dahl are some of the recipient among many of the prize.

For this prize Ms. Kirsten Kokkin has created a small image of the famous Norwegian fiddle player Ole Bull. He was truly one of the most famous Norwegians in USA in his time, mesmerizing the American Public with his engaging fiddle playing , in addition to creating wonderful music. Even today he is played frequently on the wire and in concerts all over the world. He also built his own town, called Oleanna, in Pennsylvania, Usa.

2009 Events

Flottere enn jeg hadde trodd

Stein Erik Hagen var blant de prominente gjestene da nøkkelen til Bølgen ble overlevert i ettermiddag, og fikk for første gang se relieffet av seg selv.

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Simostranda, Norway, December 7, 2009

Kirsten Kokkin's monument of the The 5 time Olympian Biathlon Skier Ole Einar Bjorndalen from Norway is now featured on NBC's official site for the 2010 Olympics.

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The 5 time Olympian Biathlon Skier Ole Einar Bjorndalen from Norway.
The sculpture is installed in his home town Simostranda, in Norway,
and was presented to the public on Sept. 13, 2008.

   Oslo, Norway , October 2008

Artist Kirsten Kokkin and Mr. Christian Ringnes who has donated the sculpture.

The Mayor of Oslo with the Horse Tor.

The police force of Oslo has their own Equestrian department. This is mainly used for patrolling the streets of Oslo and parades. The force also plays an important role in political or other demonstrations. The horse was created by the artist Kirsten Kokkin in the stable of one of the most known horses named THOR. Today it is placed outside the stable that is located in the historic center of Oslo at the old fort of Akershus.

View Article "Polististallen i ny Prakt">>

2008 Events

New York City, October 30, 2008

THE ANGEL OF MUSIC - Proposal to memorial at Louis Gottschalk Grave site at the Brook green Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY , USA

Follow Kirsten's progress in New York's search for a monument to honor Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

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Kirsten Kokkin is currently in the process of finishing a monumental portrait sculpture of the Honorable Lillan Lowenskiold Stuart for Baerum Vaerk in Oslo, Norway. This monument will be presented June 2009. She is also in the process of finishing a double portrait in the form of a Bas Relief, of the benefactors of the Cultural Center in Larvik, Norway, that will be presented in October of 2009. The building is of the famous Architect Niels Torp.

In addition she will have a one person show at the Anders Svor Museum, Jolster, Norway from May till September 2009.

Stockholm, October 30, 2008

The presentation of this sculpture is the third one of this Monument and the last. It is placed outside the Norwegian Church in Stockholm that carries her name, the Church of Crown Princess Martha of Norway. with this final installment the sculpture is placed in the three locations in the world where she made her home, her birthplace Stockholm, Sweden. In Oslo Norway where she made her future as the Crown Princess, and in Washington, DC, USA where she was a guest and refugee during the World War II.

  Stockholm, October 30 2008: The Royal Princess of Norway Princess Astrid performing the   unveiling of the Monumental Statue of her Mother, The Crown Princess Martha of Norway.